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Nonprofits rise and fall based on fundraising and leadership. You are trying to build the best leadership and fundraising team possible.

Finding, training and keeping all star team members is difficult. With nearly two decades of nonprofit experience, our training programs and nonprofit services can help you build an all-star nonprofit team.
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About the Founder
As a young first time executive director and fundraiser, I had so much to learn. All I wanted was for someone to make it simple and tell me how to put together a successful fundraising team.  I wanted to know what I was not doing that might be hurting our organization. Each time I stared at our budget and the payroll, my stomach hurt.

Thirteen years later, I had grown our development team from zero (unless you counted me) to 6 people.  This team was responsible for raising $1.6M. When I started, the organization raised $250k per year in individual and business donations. In 2014, over $2M (if you included capital pledges).
I know what it is to be overwhelmed with little time, lots of passion, and a desire to do the right things. All I wanted was to have someone help me Make Successful Fundraising Simple.

In 2015, I started Bold Leading with the desire to help individuals and teams that feel the same way. I love nonprofits. I love people who are helping people in their local community move forward and gain opportunities.

Our team is ready to help you. We can help build your team of fundraising all stars or we can become part of your team of all stars. 

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What We Do

Major Gift Training

We are able to find the people you need! We help hire, onboard, train and assess major gift officers. We train them to get the appointment, make the ask and more importantly, to document their efforts and ensure the organization gets the donor research and encourages cheerful giving.

Orchestrate Fundraising Efforts

When you need help coordinating and making all your initiatives successful, we can provide tailored fundraising strategy and counsel. Of course, sometimes you just need someone to handle all the details. We can help with project management too.

Development Department

We help you build a development department that is efficient and successful today but also knows how to grow in the future. Our training and support can help you overcome turnover and maintain quality standards and exceptional performance.

Branding and Messaging

Get away from technical speak and embrace the desk-pounding, heart-racing passion words that are stuck in your chest and waiting to get out! Our team can help you establish your visual branding and story branding. 

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